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უახლესი ბლოგები


Region : Mtskheta and Tetritskaro municipalities; Length of the route: 100 km / 2090 m Terrain Description: Asphalt Difficulty: Difficult Gpx: Recommended bike: Road; Gravel; Cyclocross Recommended Season: With the exception of snowy days, all seasons. Additional tip: From the Saskhori turn, steep, high percentages rise to the Didgori monument. For this, you mayContinue reading “Didgori”


Region : Mtskheta Municipality Length of the route: 84 km / 1780 m Terrain description:  Asphalt / paving  Difficulty: Medium Gpx: Recommended bike: MTB; Gravel; Cyclocross Recommended Season: Fall / Spring Additional Tip: The beginning is a road full of cars, try to drive in the extreme right lane. On the ascent of Zedazeni, a few km from the monastery is a good place forContinue reading “Zedazeni”


Region : Dusheti Municipality Length / elevation of the route: 53 km / 1550 m (starts at Roshka reflection, half an km ends with asphalt and starts with gravel) Terrain description: well-compacted stony ground; Sort of difficult sections (large stones and ups and downs are considered difficult) Difficulty: Medium Gpx: Recommended bike: MTB; Gravel; Cyclocross Recommended season: from late spring to October. Additional advice: start, ascend theContinue reading “Shatili”


Region : Tbilisi Municipality Length of the route: 36 km / 990 m Terrain description: Asphalt / gravel Difficulty: Medium Gpx: Recommended bike: MTB; Gravel; Cyclocross Recommended Season: Excluding snowy and rainy days. In spring, daisies will be found in Tsavkisi field. Additional Tip: The dirt section involves quite difficult, technical ascents, prepare yourself psychologically. Spectacular side: forest from Tskneti to Tsavkisi, views of Tbilisi. photos:


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