Region : Dusheti Municipality

Length / elevation of the route: 53 km / 1550 m (starts at Roshka reflection, half an km ends with asphalt and starts with gravel)

Terrain description: well-compacted stony ground; Sort of difficult sections (large stones and ups and downs are considered difficult)

Difficulty: Medium


Recommended bike: MTB; Gravel; Cyclocross

Recommended season: from late spring to October.

Additional advice: start, ascend the first 17 km, to the Datvijvari pass; There are several sources along the way, it would be nice if you do not miss out; Multiple water bottles will help; From Datvisjvari to Shatili, go down, be careful. Then, small ascents to Mutso. The weather in the mountains is changing fast, have a rainy day. On the way you can meet the shepherd dogs, if they approach you, you can hide in the bicycle, if you pass their territory, they will calm down.

Many cars will not meet you, the biggest inconvenience from them is dusting the road and if you notice from a distance, you can give way, relax and avoid the dust.

Spectacular side: the majesty of the mountains, the most beautiful views of the Datvijvari pass and the valley; Centuries-old architectural masterpieces of Shatili and Mutso – towers.