Mystical Lake Ride

Paravani lake - Caucasus Cycling Network
Photo: Giorgi Gomiashvili

Region : Ninotsminda Municipality

Length/Elevation of the route:  47 km / 900 m

Altitude: 2000+ m

Terrain description:  Asphalt / gravel

Difficulty:  Medium


Recommended bike:  MTB; Gravel; Cyclocross

Recommended season: from late spring to November

Additional Tip:  The route starts from the village of Ayazmi (Tsalka Municipality), after ascending the Paravani Pass, the mystical views of Paravani Lake will unfold. If you just want to get around the lake, you can start this bike route from the last point of the pass. Lake Paravani is located at 2000+ meters and is quite cold in almost all seasons, it is already freezing in autumn, it is also a very windy place and therefore it is necessary to have appropriate clothing.

Spectacular side:  Foka Mothers’ Monastery, mystical Paravani Lake, Asfara (village) on the Paravani Circle, amazing views of the Abul-Samsar Range (including Little Abuli and Big Abuli).